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The Top 5 Products You Need This Summer!

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Run to your closest Aveda with your summer bag empty, because you have to stock up on these 5 products to keep your hair shimmering this summer. Level’s Color Specialist, Megan shares what she is obsessing over this summer to keep her blonde in tip top summer shape.

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1) Sun Care- Hair and Body Cleanser

This is completely color safe with a corn-derived chelator (that means it has a detox agent) that gently removes chlorine, salt and product residue. It has tamanu oil and organic coconut oil help maintain super moisturized hair. With green tea, certified organic sunflower oil and vitamin E, its the perfect magic bottle for summertime.

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2) Sun Care- After Sun Hair Masque

This is perfect for after you come in from a long day in the sun. The after-sun formula works so well because it is rich in morikue™ protein. Tamanu oil and certified organic coconut oil are amazing moisturizers for your sun-exposed hair. Go grab one for your shower, ASAP.

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3) Sun Care - Protective Hair Veil

This comes in at number 4 because it is a super lightweight, water-resistant and most importantly a UV DEFENSE misting spray. It forms an invisible screen to help protect your sun dried hair from over exposure to minimize damage and dryness. 


4) Color Conserve - Daily Color Protect

This is a bomb leave in treatment that instantly, yes instantly, intensifies color radiance. It will seal and smooth your dehydrated, dull cuticle for an immediate increased shine. Intensify your color radiance with a lot of added shine—a beautiful start to any hot, summer day.



This blue (yes, its blue) conditioner will add a silvery brightness to your dull blonde hair. It neutralizes blondes and dark blondes, and even grey hair. It works so well because it was formulated with blue malva and coneflower, that is the magic trick to help impart your hair’s moisture and brightness.