Turn down the heat on your heat tools and air dry your hair as often as possible. We cook our pizza at 450 degrees- NOT OUR HAIR. For fine/medium hair textures we recommend 300-380 degrees, and for thick/coarse texture 350-400 degrees. As a stylist we would prefer you to let your hair bake at a lower heat setting then fry your ends on a high setting. Love you, mean it!

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Use cold or luke warm water in your shower. For starters if you color your hair you shouldn’t be using hot water anyway, hot water opens your hair cuticle and washes away your color much faster. It also causes dryness, damage and unwanted frizz. So next time you step into your shower get in while the water is still heating up, after you’ve shampooed wrap your hair up with conditioner and let it condition while you turn the heat up to wash your body. End with cooler water to close the cuticle. Your skin and hair will thank you!



Use a heat protection and leave in conditioner to keep your ends nourished in between washes. Aveda carries two amazing leave in treatments that not only protect your hair up to 450 degrees in heat, but they also boost shine, prevents breakage, conditions, controls frizz, and reduce static. Any time you add heat to your hair you want to protect it from as much damage as possible.



Get a haircut more frequently! Depending on your hair type and texture we normally recommend getting a cut between 4-8 weeks to keep your ends healthy. If your combing through your hair and your brush gets caught, it probably means it’s time for a trim! When your comb catches it pulls hairs from the root causing more fall out, which means your going to find it on your pillow, all over your shirt, or entangled in your sock which somehow ends up suffocating your pinky toe... we’ve all been there. So needless to say frequent cuts prevent fall out -which means more hair ON your head



Deep condition frequently! Proteins and moisture keep your ends plump and nourished. If your ends are dry or damaged you should consider a new remedy because drug store shampoo brands are probably not doing you as good as you think. Ask our stylists for a recommendation whether it be a in-salon Botanical protein treatment or an at-home conditioning masque.



Don’t wear tight hair elastics. Too much tension will cause excessive breakage. Consider purchasing gentle hair ties to restrain your hair for hot days or wearing a loose braid!



You may think washing your hair everyday is helping your hair, but it’s actually damaging it more than you think. You should wash your hair as often as needed, and typically that means every two to three days. Another alternative would be investing in a dry shampoo! Shampooing everyday risks stripping your hair of its natural oils that keep it healthy and luscious.