10 Minute Style

Advanced Cutting Specialist, Rachel at Level SalonSpa gives her tips on how to create a quick fun everyday look for your hair. "I get a lot of questions behind the chair on how to style or wear your natural wave pattern. I myself used to be someone who would blow dry and straighten my hair daily but ever since moving to Florida in 2009 I have learned that the humidity does not get along with my wavy hair being straight." If you are someone too that has some wave or curl to your hair but when air dried it looks frizzy or untamed, you can learn a way to quickly style it and maybe grow to love it!

  1. you need to find products that are right for your hair. Rachel recommends talking to your stylist to find the right products needed that help with frizz and that won’t weigh your hair down.
    1. gentle with your hair when wet and try not touching it while it dries.
    2. after it is dry section your hair horizontally like a top knot. Get an iron or curler that is the right size for your length of hair and set it to a lower temperature.
    3. pick up random pieces that just don’t curl right or that are to frizzy and twist them away from your face with the iron. Take little pieces, nothing to big and work slow. Now you are not going to twist every piece of hair only just a few.
    4. Drop the top section down when finished and repeat. Rachel says she tends to find the most frizz on the top of the head so remember to work slow. As you twist it smooths out your hair.
    5. Finally, just finish with lightly brushing hair with a natural boars bristle brush and set with moisture spray like Aveda dry thermal conditioner or a light hold hair spray and TAH-DAH a more structured messy wave!! This usually takes no longer then five to ten minutes which is a life saver in the mornings!